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Trains first began arriving at the Bernardsville station in 1872

Bringing enough well-to-do vacationers to earn the nickname the “Millionaire’s Express.” This otherwise quiet country town quickly became a favorite retreat for the wealthy, who sought respite from the hustle and bustle of New York City, and fertile ground for a variety of businesses.

To accommodate the increase in visitors, the Claremont Hotel was constructed in 1878 directly across from the train station. As an economical alternative to other establishments, the hotel was a favorite stop among traveling salesmen. The building remained a 20-room hotel until 1922, when Alfred Sutton converted the top floor into apartments and the bottom floor into a showroom for his plumbing business. These walls have since housed an antiques dealer, Carmine’s Barber Shop, an auto showroom, and multiple restaurants.

In 2006, The Hampshire Companies purchased the long overlooked building and re-christened it Station Pub & Grub. A complete interior and exterior restoration was performed, bringing back a taste of the original hotel and evoking the grandeur of train travel’s glory days. The interior is modeled after a 1920's first-class train station lounge, paying homage to the railways that changed Bernardsville forever.

Now, The Station has once again reinvented itself. This hip, sleek restaurant has the familiarity and warmth of a local watering-hole with the look and flavors of an upscale city hotspot. The Station is the perfect place to meet and enjoy your friends and family.

  • (2013) "The Station" new look new menu
  • (2006) Extensively remodeled by The Hampshire Companies and re-christened "Station Pub & Grub"
  • (1972) Restaurant bought by Petrozzo Family - (1986) Restaurant Becomes "The Station"
  • (1954) Robert Vallacchi reinstates former dining and bar area and opens the "Town House" restaurant
  • (1922) Bought by A.D. Sutton, who converts downstairs to a plumbing store and hotel rooms to apartments
  • (1878) Construction of Claremount Hotel
  • (1872) Bernardsville Train Station built, bringing wealthy New Yorkers to their mountain getaway
  • (1840) Quiet borough of "Vealtown" changes its name to Bernardsville 
  • 1840
  • 1872
  • 1878
  • 1922
  • 1954
  • 1972 - 1986
  • 2006
  • 2013


Disconnect from Phones!
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The Station will give you a basket for your phones along with some old-fashioned pencil and paper games while you eat. If you make it through the end of the meal without using your phone, we’ll give you...
5% off your food bill!


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